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The base of any strong national party is its strength at the local level. It is in cities and villages, where people and citizens have their most direct contact with political parties. Here, they can observe and assess what a party really is doing for the people. Therefore, political parties should invest a lot of attention and efforts on local politics, to maintain a permanent contact with the people, to represent their demands, to struggle for the solution of local problems. People will recognize these efforts not only in local elections but also in national polls.

In this section we offer information on local politics and local political party activities. The articles presented have been reproduced from our own archive and from other open sources in the internet. We call on our readers to send or indicate to us additional articles or books that should be published or mentioned in this part of our website on political parties.

The Place and Role of Local Governments in Federal Systems (Nico Steytler)

Three-level government: federal, state/provincial and local government is common to all federal systems. However, the place and role of local government in these systems vary markedly. In some, local government is a constitutionally recognized sphere of government, while in others it is merely a competence of the state/ provincial government. Nevertheless, local government has an increasing role in the governance of federal countries, placing new demands on the theory and practice of federalism.