Konrad Adenauer School for Young Politicians



The confluence of youth, political parties and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2030 Agenda is one that has yet to be achieved. This is apparent upon desktop review and as the agenda kicks in, it is crucial to localise the agenda for its broad goals may not necessarily be applicable across spectrums of society and to be truly effective, it needs to be adaptive and implementable. Young political leaders are best suited in supporting this good governance framework as policy implementation and grassroots engagement on these very goals is needed and political parties provide crucial spheres for connecting the local to the global agenda.   



a)    To offer an annual platform for selected KASYP alumni members to further hone their skills and expertise by way of policy panel discussions and interactive discussions with fellow Asian peers in crafting domestic/regional advances in issue areas impacting youth, political parties and the SGDs.


b)   Develop a network of like-minded young political actors who are committed to strengthening political parties and youth participation in policy advocacy, especially within the greater SDG framework.



There will be at least 25 participants from participating KASYP countries in South and South East Asia who are mid-level leaders in politics/governance.

Following is a criterion of the shortlisted participants*:

1.    Upholds values and principles of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation


2.    Active members of political parties


3.    Below the age of 45 years old


4.    Hold important leadership position in party/government


5.    Successfully completed KASYP programme


6.    Potential to run for elections / be elected


7.    Interest in international relations



*Please note the selection of all Caucus Members lies within the discretion of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation with consideration of budget and fair representation of individuals from all participating KASYP countries.*