Konrad Adenauer School for Young Politicians

Lecture and Discussion
Presentations by Participants
Project Management Training by In-House Trainer
Certificates awarded at completion of every workshop


The overall programme begins in January and ends the subsequent year around September. Over the duration of this almost two year period, there are 4 different workshops each respective quarters of each year.

1st year - 1st Quarter: Initial Training Workshop on "Political Party Functions and Organisation in Democratic Societies"

  • Timeframe: January
  • Length of Workshop: 6 days

1st year - 2nd Quarter: Second Training Workshop on "Local Governance and Development"

  • Timeframe: August
  • Length of Workshop: 4 days

2nd year - 1st Quarter: Third Training Workshop on "Leadership Training in Campaigning"

  • Timeframe: March
  • Length of Workshop: 4 days

2nd year - 2nd Quarter: Fourth Training Workshop on "Political Party Organisation and Local Politics in Germany"

  • Timeframe: September
  • Length of Workshop: 6 days