Konrad Adenauer School for Young Politicians


How do I apply for the KASYP programme?

All application forms and guidelines are provided in the "Apply Now" tab. Only completed forms with supporting documents will be considered. This should be submitted before 30th October.

Can I still apply for the programme if I have applied before?

This programme is only for first-time applicants. Should your application be deemed insufficient to qualify in the current year, it may be considered for the subsequent year but this is dependent on the discretion of the review panel.

What will happen if I cannot commit throughout the 2 years?

All successful applicants are required to attend every workshop and fulfill the project management aspect of the programme as qualification to the next workshop. Should an applicant be unable to commit to the 2 years, s/he should re-consider applying for the following year instead.

When will I know my application has been successful/unsuccessful?

The KASYP secretariat aims to inform all applicants of their status by first week December, latest mid December.

What can I do to improve my application?

Ensure all the questions are adequately answered, your political project proposal has been well thought through and you have reference letters from well established individuals in your political party/organization who can vouch for your political party work and character.

Are there possibilities to participate in alumni activities?

Alumni activities are reserved for members who are active in politics, have shown genuine interest in learning more and participated during their KASYP experience.

Do I need to speak and understand English?

As participants come from all over Asia, it is instrumental that all applicants be able to comprehend and speak English. Applicants can expect to receive a random call during the application review period to verify their English proficiency.

Can I apply for this programme if I am younger or older than the age band?

Exceptions are rare unless individual shows a substantive interest and experience in the field of politics.